Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Council hears presentation on Honor Flight

At Council Meeting on Tues. Jan. 21, 2014 the Council heard a presentation from the Utah Honor Flight Program.

Dan Curtis, a national representative from the Utah Honor Flight, spoke about the purpose of honor flights to fly veterans to see their national monument in Washington D.C.

Honor Flights focuses on providing these opportunities for Utah veterans of WWII, the Korean War, and Vietnam War. Curtis spoke of the especial need of 14,000 Utah WWII veterans, given the rate at which they are passing away.

Honor Flight’s purpose in visiting the Provo Council is to seek the assistance of Provo residents in identifying those eligible for the Honor Flight Program, and to also raise awareness of the need for charitable contributions to help veterans take these flights.

If you’re interested in either helping identify a veteran eligible for Honor Flights, or in contributing to the program, please visit utahhonorflight.org

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