Thursday, December 19, 2013

Provo Council Passes Towing Ordinance

At Council Meeting on December 17, the Council voted unanimously (7-0) in favor of an ordinance which increases restrictions on the process of local towing in Provo.

The proposal under consideration by the Council offers property owners considering towing two options in how to proceed at  towing an improperly parked vehicle. The property owner must either have a contract with a towing company to handle parking violations, or the property owner must specifically call to remove a vehicle.

If a property owner chooses the option of contracting a towing company to handle parking enforcement, there are several restrictions about how that contract is to be set up.

According to an article in the Daily Herald, the contract between a property owner and the towing company must be a written agreement, and contain a  “written visitors plan, 24/7 access to temporary parking permits, an appeals process, lower fees and signage.” For property owners requesting towing of vehicles by phone call, towing companies must be certified with the city by Jan. 1, 2014. Towing by direct call will begin on Feb. 1, 2014.  

More information about the towing ordinance and events at the Council meeting may be found at this article by KSL, at this post on Provo Mayor Curtis’ blog, and at this story on Fox 13.

At the meeting it was emphasized that the Council will revisit the towing issue in a year to consider the impact of the towing ordinance as a policy issue.  

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