Thursday, December 19, 2013

Council Honors Outgoing Council Members at Reception

Council Members mingle with visitors at Outgoing Council Member Reception

On  Tuesday, December 17, the Provo Council honored its outgoing Council Members Laura Cabanilla, Rick Healey and Sterling Beck in a reception held to honor their contributions to the community.

Council Chair Gary Winterton shared thoughts on the strengths and contributions of each outgoing member, and thanked them individually for their hard work and dedication to Provo.

“We appreciate Laura Cabanilla, and the perspective and experience she brought to the Council from both her service in the military and from her experience as a lawyer,” Winterton said. “Sterling Beck has also provided the Council an example of passionate, principled advocacy, and  helped the Council form a working relationship of trust and respect,” he added.
Council Member Laura Cabanilla offers remarks
Council Member Sterling Beck offers his thoughts at Outgoing Council Reception
Winterton also spoke about the strengths and contributions of Council Member Rick Healey. “Rick Healey has contributed immensely to the Council,” Winterton said. “He helped provide leadership and guidance for the Council during a difficult time, and brought his own unique insights from his many years as a police officer.”

Council Member Rick Healey offers departing thoughts at Outgoing Council Reception
At the conclusion of the reception, Provo Mayor John Curtis also shared some brief remarks about each outgoing Council Member, highlighting personal working experiences and relationships developed, and underlining qualities of each member which were valuable in maintaining those relationships.

Mayor Curtis shares thoughts and memories of working with Council Members at Outgoing Council Reception 
One again, the Council would like to offer its thanks to Outgoing Council Members Rick Healey, Laura Cabanilla, and Sterling Beck for their contributions to the community.

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