Thursday, November 14, 2013

Public Comment and Feedback Invited Prior to Council Action on UTF

The Council is scheduled to address the proposed Utility Transportation Fund (UTF) during their meeting on November 19 at 5:30p.

The Utility Transportation Fund which they will discuss (UTF) aims to provide a solution to Provo’s road funding which is long-term, sustainable, fair, and transparent.  There have been several public meetings, as well as online Town Hall gatherings and discussions about this issue over the last few months.  Members of the public are invited to once more voice their thoughts, feedback, and comment on this issue before and after the Council takes any formal action during Council Meeting.

If you have thoughts or concerns about the UTF, you may read more about it on the Council’s blog here. Provo Mayor Curtis also has an informational post about UTF on his blog here.

You may contact your Council Member directly here, or share your thoughts on this issue by adding a comment on this article.

Here is a link to a presentation offered to the Municipal Council on October 29, 2013 if you're interested in further details.

You can also watch this video about the proposal.

Utility Transportation Fund from Provo City on Vimeo.

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