Monday, November 25, 2013

Council Initiates Exploration of Possible Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Council Initiates Discussion and Research of Discrimination

At the Provo Council’s work meeting on Tuesday, Council Members voted unanimously (Council Members Gary Garrett and Laura Cabanilla not present), to direct staff to further research a possible ordinance to protect individuals in Provo who feel they have experienced discrimination in employment or housing as a result of their gender orientation or sexual identity.

The item was co-sponsored by Council Members Hal Miller and Sterling Beck, who both spoke briefly in favor of the Council exploring the issue.

Brian Jones, the Council’s attorney, also provided background information about efforts by other cities in the area to address this issue. He highlighted Salt Lake City’s non-discrimination ordinance passed in 2009 as an example.

The Council’s intent in authorizing further research is to understand the extent of the issue in Provo, and if Council determines legislation is necessary, to find the right fit for Provo’s unique community.

For more information, check out the Salt Lake Tribune’s account of the Council Meeting here.

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