Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Community Outreach and Provo Council

Transparency, open government, and civic engagement are popular themes in discussing the relationship between government and the public, but how are those principles expressed by your local government?

Provo is known for its civic connectedness and concern for maintaining good relationships between communities and their local governments, but how does it compare with other cities of similar size?

Below you can see a table which shows how Provo Council stacks up with its peer cities in the inter-mountain region in connectivity and outreach to the public as measured by the following metrics (click to view):

* Provo Council regularly hosts digital town hall meetings to discuss issues with the public in greater detail. Salt Lake City hosts an interactive forum for residents to express themselves on city issues. 
**Note: While many cities on this list do utilize many of the tools listed, those tools are not specifically designed for Council only use, as Provo’s is. To learn more about the various tools mentioned, you may find a list of links for each city here

The Provo Council is moving forward on multiple fronts to engage the public, promote civic participation, and allow two-way communication between the Council and the public on important community and local government issues.

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