Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Council Takes Bicycle Tour to Review Bicycle Master Plan Proposals

Council Members prepare to begin tour.

Last Tuesday the Council toured Provo by bicycle, to review proposals by the Bicycle Master Plan, and see firsthand how those proposals would impact issues like traffic flow, navigation, and safety.

Guiding the tour was Travis Jensen of  Alta Planning and Design, which has prepared the draft of the Bicycle Master Plan. He has worked on Bicycle Master plans for cities and universities, such as Salt Lake City and Brigham Young University.

Many sources of feedback from the community regarding the Bicycle Master Plan were tapped in preparation of the draft, including the Provo Bicycle Committee, which Council Member Sterling Beck has participated in.

The Council discussed “bike boulevards” which are a low speed streets, designed to optimize bicycle traffic by encouraging local only traffic, and help bicycles cross arterial roads.

Council Members also viewed and discussed potential problem areas which have awkward bicycle “right of way” designations, such as around the FrontRunner station in Central Provo.

What are your concerns as a resident regarding bicycle traffic? How do you feel the Bicycle Master Plan ought to reflect those concerns?
Discussing bicycle boulevards.

Discussing 'right of way' access to FrontRunner.

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