Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Council issues Joint Resolution with Mayor Outlining Principles of Utility Transportation Fund

Utility Transportation Fund from Provo City on Vimeo.

During Council Meeting on September 3, the Council issued a joint resolution, which passed 6-0, with the Mayor to outline a plan to create a Utility Transportation Fund. The proposed fund’s purpose is to develop a sustainable revenue source for needed road maintenance.

The resolution outlines key principles which the Mayor and Council agree on in reaching a decision about the proposed Utility Transportation Fund. Among those principles are equity (ensuring that those who use the roads the most contribute to their maintenance), transparency (ensuring that funds for roads are closely earmarked for that purpose), and sustainability (understanding that any revenue source must cover both long and short term projected costs in a self sustaining way).

According to the resolution, the Mayor and Council will work together to consider implementation of a Utility Transportation Fund and by ordinance dedicate funds for road maintenance annually beginning 2014.

The text of the resolution may be found here.

The Council also announced several meetings to invite public comment on this issue.

Thursday September 26, 7-8p at the Council Chambers

Wednesday October 2, 7-8p at the Council Chambers

Tuesday October 8, 8-9p in a Digital Town Hall Presentation

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