Friday, August 2, 2013

Council Passes "Unlawful Transfer" Ordinance

The Council passed an ordinance "Unlawful Transfer on a Roadway" which prevents the “unsafe transfer of money or other personal property in a roadway” by unanimous vote during Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 30.

The ordinance addresses concerns that such transfers affect public safety and traffic flow on designated streets. It specifically prohibits any transactions occurring in the right-of-way between persons and unparked vehicles in certain road designations.

The ordinance does not violate anyone’s opportunity to give money or property to persons on the street, but requires drivers first park their car legally in a legal parking place. The ordinance specifically will apply to Center Street Pedestrian Mall, State roads, and arterial and collector roads. Local roads will not be affected.

The text of the ordinance will be published here.

If you have feedback for your Council Member, you may reach them by leaving a comment on this article, or reach them directly here.

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