Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Council Meets with School Board to Discuss Future Capital Expenditures

Dixon Middle School, listed as an urgent funding need in the advisory report. 

The Council met with the Provo School Board recently to discuss upcoming funding needs, and dialogue about how planning for the future can best be accomplished.

The School Board shared with the Council the results of its Facility Advisory Committee, which is a committee composed of district representatives and community members to help assess funding needs for schools in the district. Members of the committee and their report can be viewed here. The report recommends funding for urgent needs at schools, and presents a $90 million figure to cover the costs.
Provo Fire Station No.2, mentioned by the Council as a future need requiring funding.

The Council also shared some future projects which will require additional planning and funding. Among those items mentioned were a needed reconstruction of Fire Station #2 on Canyon Road, and a possible rebuilding and/or relocation of the Provo City Center and a new public safety complex. The Council also discussed its plans to continue dialogue about a Utility Transportation Fee as a long term mechanism to fund roads. Among the Council’s objectives for road funding is seeing that those that use the roads, help pay for their maintenance.

What are your thoughts about these issues? Leave a comment on this article, or contact your Council Member directly here.

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