Friday, July 19, 2013

Council Interactive Budget Meetings

Council Chair Gary Winterton explains budget issues

The Council has held a series of interactive budget meetings to dialogue with the public about funding challenges facing the city, and receive input how to best move forward. With record low turnout we realize this isn’t the most exciting thing to attend or participate in, so we’re going to make it easy:  

Seven Minute Video Overview

Watch this to get a sense of the big issues and what this year’s property tax increase means for you:

Play the Budget Gap Challenge

Be master of the budget. Solve the ten-year gap between revenues and expenditures. Add or cut programs, raise or lower taxes and fees. It’s all in your ‘control’.

  • Open a Google Drive file (require Google account).
  • Download Microsoft Excel file (works with OpenOffice as well).

Calculate the Property Tax Change on Your Home

The current plan is to increase property taxes by a total of 0.16% (2% of the General Operations levy. Calculate the impact to your tax bill:

Share your Thoughts

Social Media

Comment below or on one of our other social media platforms:

In person:

Public Budget Meeting

Aug 3 – City Center, 351 W Center St., 9AM

Truth in Taxation Public Hearing

(where the proposed tax increase will be acted upon)
Aug 6 – City Center, 351 W Center St., 6PM
Contact your Council Member directly here.

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