Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maeser Neighborhood “Paint Your Heart Out” Event a Success

The Maeser Neighborhood recently held a “Paint Your Heart Out” event, which targeted a two block area around 300 East between Center Street and 200 South to improve the community by allowing neighbors to meet each other and work to build stronger relationships while providing a benefit to the neighborhood.

As a part of the Council sponsored Matching Grant Program, the City supplies the funding for neighborhood capital improvements and the neighborhood matches the City’s contribution with local resources of volunteer labor, donated materials, professional services, and funding.

Combined with federal CDBG funds, the improvements to this target area in the Maeser neighborhood have included the following:
  • New curb and gutter
  • Trees trimmed and pruned and where needed removed and replaced
  • Homes painted
  • Sprinkler systems installed in homes previously lacking pressurized irrigation
An upcoming “Plant Your Heart Out” event will also be held in the Maeser neighborhood, where neighbors will plant foliage and other plants to beautify homes in the target area.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Matching Grant Program, and possibly applying for a grant, visit to view details and download the grant application.



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