Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Engage the Council and the Issues - Agendas Online

If you're looking to become more informed on the issues affecting your community, and want to become involved in the conversation, a great way can be to read the Council's agenda, and listen to archived minutes of Council meetings at agendas.provo.org.

Here's a quick update of what the Council will be discussing this week (June 4, 2013) at their work session and Council meeting:

  • Bicycle Master Plan
  •  Center Street Community Development
  • Electrical Rate Increase
  •  Budgeting
  • Economic Development Plan
  •  Public Hearing announcements for a variety of issues
  • Redevelopment Agency of Provo
  • Storm Water Service
This is a great resource for those who are unable to come to meetings themselves to continue to engage and be informed about city policy. 

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