Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Council to Review Code to Align with State on Fireworks

The Council will consider revisions of the city code (Chapter 9.43) to align the city with a newly-adopted state law which allows cities to ban or restrict consumer fireworks in certain areas.

Due to extreme fire danger as a result of commercial fireworks, Provo City has in the past maintained a “Discharge Restricted Area” where no fireworks are permitted. This area has remained consistent over the years with only minor adjustments.

In 2012, many cities banned commercial fireworks outright over fire hazard concerns, and this new state law reflects those concerns. To comply with the state law, a restricted area must be enacted by ordinance by the local governing body or city. To maintain its restricted area, Provo Fire and Rescue has drafted a plan which addresses the geographical layout of the restricted area, and indicates the dates (July 1-7, July 21-27) during which commercial fireworks will be restricted.

Here is a link to the proposed new ordinance, and a map of the restricted area proposed by Provo Fire and Rescue. 

Proposed Fire Restricted Area -click image for higher resolution.

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