Friday, April 12, 2013

Preventive Road Maintenance Funding

The Provo Council has held meetings with Neighborhood Chairs to discuss upcoming Council actions on road funding, and to listen to issues that concern neighborhoods.

 Kay Van Buren, the Council Member representing District 4, spoke of the significant challenge road funding presents. The main issue is how the Council should balance the funding of preventative maintenance for Provo roads, while also rebuilding damaged ones.

 According to studies completed by road engineers for the city, funds to repair roads ought to first be used to maintain roads in fair condition first, as this work will cost far less than repairing or replacing a badly damaged road. For every $1 spent in preventative maintenance saves the taxpayer $7 when rebuilding a road.

If the cracks in this road aren't sealed soon, the road will begin to crumble and it will cost the city eight times as much to replace.

Another challenge facing the Council is resolving issues with the funding mechanism for road maintenance. Until now, bonding has provided funds to repair and maintain roads, but studies provided to the Council indicate this is grossly inefficient, as the Council ends up paying off interest on bonds long after having spent bonded monies to maintain and repair roads.

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