Monday, April 8, 2013

Neighborhood Master Planning

Council Member Hal Miller Proposes Neighborhoods Develop Master Plan 

In a recent meeting with Neighborhood Area Chairs , Council Member Hal Miller discussed the possible benefits to Neighborhoods of having their own master plans as a way to achieve their vision of the future.

“Each of us has a history of being identified with a particular neighborhood,” Miller said. “Often we hear of master plans for this or that City project as a way to drive future goals and agenda setting. As part of that effort, I will promote the interface of each neighborhood with the Community Development Department and thus encourage the formulation of master plans for each neighborhood.”

Miller said he’d like to determine the level of confidence that each neighborhood has in its own resources to formulate a master plan, and asked Neighborhood Chairs if creating a master plan was an advisable policy for all neighborhoods at this time.

As a follow-up question, Miller asked if it makes sense to leave current neighborhood boundaries as they are or to modify them, recognizing that the number of neighborhoods might grow or contract.

Residents with comments about neighborhood master planning can submit them here or contact the Municipal Council through its blog or email.

Please note that Community Development has begun the master-planning process for the downtown area (see the details here) as well as the Joaquin Neighborhood (see details here). 

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