Thursday, April 25, 2013

Council Member Sterling Beck Discusses Bike Plan, Center Street

Council Member Sterling Beck discussed a variety of changes that Provo has undergone since his election to the Council during recent meetings with Neighborhood Chairs. 

One of Beck’s main priorities as a council member has been participating in the redesign process of Center Street with the goal of creating a friendlier atmosphere for families and bikes. As a part of that planning process, Beck mentioned how great it was to be working with such partners as the LDS Church and Nuskin, which are stakeholders in the redesign. 

Beck then discussed the splash pad in Pioneer Park, noting that it is in the finishing stages of construction, and also noted that as a part of the development of downtown, there has been progress on the State Street bike trail construction. Although only a few blocks of the trail have currently been completed, Beck said eventually the goal is to complete a trail along all of State Street.  

Discussing the city's Bicycle Master Plan, Beck said funds for the bicycle project master plan have come in part from the state and county. Those funds are helping to implement the plan, which Beck promised would be available for review by Neighborhood Chairs.

If you have feedback for the Council about either the Bicycle Master Plan, or the development of Center Street, please comment to this post, or contact your Council Member directly here

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