Monday, April 29, 2013

Council Member discusses how MTC missionary housing will impact Provo

Council Member Rick Healey discussed how the increased housing need of LDS missionaries is impacting Provo in recent meetings with Neighborhood Chairs.  

Healey noted the recent change in age for eligible missionary service for LDS Church members has caused a large influx of missionaries, which has the LDS Church discussing long-term plans on how to accommodate the increased need.

 “Due to these changes, the Provo MTC has gone from housing roughly 3,000 missionaries to around 8,000,” Healey said.

Healey indicated the increase is expected to level out after an initial surge to around 7,000 missionaries, which will need long term housing which does not currently exist at the MTC.

“There are a variety of possible options that are currently being considered,” Healey said. “The goal is to have the MTC campus be self-contained.”

More details about the changes can be found in a variety of sources online, but here is a good resource for those looking to catch up on the issue.

Another good summary of how the issue is impacting the community and BYU campus can be found at the BYU Universe’s site here.

How has the increase in missionaries affected your neighborhood? How would you like to see the new facility's design unfold? 

The Council would appreciate hearing your thoughts. You can leave your feedback in a comment on this page, or contact your council member directly here. 

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