Thursday, March 7, 2013

Council Visits CDBG Applicant Rocky Mountain University

The Council recently visited Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions to assess its application for funding from Provo’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the department of Housing and Urban Development (non-social).

RMU’s application for CDBG funds outlines their proposal to treat potentially 250 physical therapy patients per month as a part of rehabilitative care offered to the underprivileged and need based community in Provo in exchange for funding.

“The goal is to get these individuals back to good health and eventually the workforce,” said Richard Nielsen, President of Rocky Mountain University.  “This will also benefit students of RMU who will have a chance to get hands-on experience through internships which will enable them to learn as they treat these individuals.”

Rocky Mountain University is the most recent regionally accredited higher education institution in Utah, and has provided graduate level instruction to healthcare professionals and post baccalaureate students in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Nursing, and other health professions for more than a decade.

President Nielsen described a forward looking vision for RMU, explaining its recent accomplishment of becoming a regionally accredited institution, and explaining how the university plans on maintaining that accreditation.

“We’re regionally accredited, which is the highest degree of accreditation you can attain. It took us thirteen years, and once accredited, we have to keep up to maintain that status, so it’s not an easy process; it is a very demanding one,” Nielsen said. “ We've been collaborating with Lake Eerie College of Osteopathic Medicine to create a place on campus which will focus exclusively on Provo. The support from Provo and the community is one of the reasons we've chosen to locate our campus here.”

Council member Gary Garrett expressed the Council's approval for both the opportunities that RMU provides Provo students, and the economic impact which the university contributes to the community.

“We are pleased to know of the growth and success of Rocky Mountain University in Provo,” Garret said. “Not only does RMU offer much-needed health and wellness services to many in our community, but they also provide important teaching and training opportunities for students. We value and recognize their work.”

RMU President Nielsen indicated that the university already has a significant impact economically on Provo by drawing visitors which account for up to 4,000 hotel nights, and those visitors also spend money on Provo restaurants and businesses during their stay.

Nielsen said that RMU has a base of students from Utah’s Universities, with BYU and UVU making up the majority of in-state students. As the school continues to grow, it is expected to continue developing into a larger economic presence in Provo.

More information about RMU can be found at their site, here.

More information about CDBG funding can be found on the Department of Housing and Urban Development's website, here

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