Friday, March 1, 2013

Council Agenda Standout Items March 5

Council Agenda Items for March 5

The Council’s agenda for March 5, 2013 includes two items which may be of particular interest to the community; allocation of “non- social” CDBG funds (Community Development Block Grant) and the alignment of Draper Lane.

CDBG Funds

Community Development Block Grant funding (CDBG) comes from the federal department of Housing and Urban development. On March 5, the council will be focused on discussing the “non-social” funding, which encompasses housing and other projects than community development. For more information about “social” CDBG funding, you can visit our blog post about that topic here. More details about CDBG can be found at the Housing and Urban Development’s site here.

Draper Lane Alignment

The council will discuss a resolution amending the Provo City General Plan Map 8.1 (link) Major and Local Streets Plan to amend the following zones:

  • The alignment of Draper Lane generally located on the east side of the I-15 corridor, between the freeway and the railroad tracks from 820 North to 500 South and;
  • The alignment of Lakeview Parkway from 1100 North to 2000 North Street and extend the alignments of 1390 North and 200 North westward to connect to the Parkway alignment (120004S).

Visit the Council's page on to download the detailed agenda for the meeting here.

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