Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Progress on Provo Tabernacle Reconstruction Stirs Excitement

An artist's rendering of the Provo Tabernacle reconstructed as a Temple. Photo Property of the LDS Church  © 2011 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved

As progress continues on the reconstruction of the Provo Tabernacle, residents and even news organizations are taking note of the building buzz.

Here's a couple of great stories that reference how local businesses and citizens of Provo are already buzzing about the construction via KSL and from the Deseret News. Be sure to check out the photos of the building up on metal stilts.

Nathan Murray, from the Provo City Economic Development Office, is quoted in both stories describing how the new development is already affecting the mood of businesses in the area.

 "There is definitely increased enthusiasm for downtown with this announcement. A lot of interest has been piqued from developers and retail outlets wanting to be associated with the temple," Murray said.

The reconstruction efforts are slated to be completed sometime in 2015.

Monday, February 25, 2013

At the Citizen's Academy

Council member Gary Winterton participated in Provo City’s Citizen Academy program by volunteering to be a subject for officers’ mock “felony arrest” during a meeting Wednesday, February 20th.

Provo City’s Citizen’s Academy trains attendees in police procedure to become goodwill ambassadors for the Provo City Police Department.

The Academy’s website details the type of training attendees receive:

"There is a lot of “hands-on” experience and you will learn about traffic stops, crime scene investigation, use of force and firearms, tactical responses, drugs and controlled substance, gangs, rescue and bomb teams, SWAT and so much more."

For more information about the Citizen’s Academy Program, visit their site.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Council Approves Planning Commission's Lakeview Parkway Recommendation

Photo by Mark Halls, reader of Mayor Curtis' blog

Lakeview Parkway

During its last meeting, the Municipal Council approved the city Planning Commission’s recommendation for Lakeview Parkway from 1100 North to 2000 North Street and extension of the alignments of 1390 North and 200 North westward to connect to the Parkway alignment.

This is a corridor preservation project and construction is not expected for many years. This project enables long term planning for capital facilities development.

The approval clarifies the policy to the northern stretch of the proposed Lakeview Parkway and Trail between 1100 North and 2000 North Streets, bringing it westward to hug the protected wetlands that border Utah Lake, and not divide a planned future neighborhood with the proposed arterial road.

This action advances Provo Vision 2030 goals and objectives which can be found here:

Goal 9.6 – Maximize our airport for business and recreational traffic
Objective – 9.7.1 Ensure that all modes of transportation to, from, and within Provo are safe and efficient.
Goal 12.6 – Provide street connections from the Provo Municipal Airport to the inter-modal hub and the I-15 freeway
General Plan; Chapter 6, Page 52 – Continue to review for appropriately siting the airport access road and consider potential impacts to current residents along Lakeshore Drive.  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Council Approves Zone for Rowland Apartments

At the last Provo Municipal Council meeting, the Council approved a new Zone Map Amendment for the development of Rowland Apartments, which will cover 3.41 acres on 580 East 800 North.

This changes the site from Residential Conservation and General Commercial zones, into a Campus Mixed Use Zone. The current site includes six rental homes that are used for student housing, which will be redeveloped to improve the housing offered.

The change advances Provo City’s Vision 2030 and General Plan policies, an example of which is:

"Develop a campus oriented residential district, focusing on higher density housing within
the general boundaries of 500 North to 800 North and from University Avenue to 900
East, thereby providing a walkable district for student access to campus.  Development
and redevelopment should focus on larger assembly of property, such as full blocks,
rather than smaller parcels."
-General Plan; Chapter 6, page 30

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Provo Ranked Second Safest Metro Area in Country

CQ Press has released its rankings of safest cities in the country, and has ranked the Provo-Orem area second in the country in "Lowest Metro-Crime" according to a statistical report which measures metro-crime areas countrywide using data reported to the FBI.

The city of Logan was also honored as the most crime-free metro area in the country. You can read more about CQ Press' report here, and also check out which metro areas in the country are ranked as "least safe".