Wednesday, January 9, 2013

City Council Elects New Leadership for 2013

Council Elects Gary Winterton as new Chair and Kay Van Buren as Vice-Chair, Sterling Beck as RDA Chair and Gary Garrett as RDA Vice-Chair

The Provo City Council has selected new leadership for the 2013 calendar year.  First-term and former Vice-Chair Council Member Gary Winterton will replace Laura Cabanilla as Council Chair, and fellow first-term Council Member Kay Van Buren will serve as Vice-Chair. 

Gary Winterton
Kay VanBuren
In regards to his new leadership post, Chairman Winterton said; “I am honored to have the Council’s support.  I am hoping to work closely with my colleagues and the Mayor to advance  Provo’s future and to continue the momentum and positive energy already occurring in the City.” Vice-Chair Van Buren stated: “I look forward to working closely with Council Member Winterton and coordinate Council priorities with the Council Staff.

The City Council also acts in the capacity of the City’s Redevelopment Agency Board. Council Member Sterling Beck and Gary Garrett were selected as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively. 

Sterling Beck
Gary Garrett

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