Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Neighborhood Christmas Awards

Bill Delrieu & Eileen Casey's "Ginger Bread House." Dixon Neighborhood
The Council would like to thank all those who submitted entries for the Neighborhood Christmas Awards.  Each Neighborhood Chair was asked to collect entries and nominate the best decorated home from their neighborhood.

Below is a list of winners and a short description of why they were nominated.

Margaret Thomas and her son son Chuck Thomas, Provost South Neighborhood

"Every Year, Margaret and Chuck decorate their home to the delight of the entire Neighborhood. Again this year, they have decorated their home with class and holiday spirit for all to see. Because they fill our hearts with the excitement and joy of Christmas, Margaret and Chuck have been nominated to receive this award." - David Knecht, Provost South Neighborhood Chair

Bill Delrieu & Eileen Casy, Dixon Neighborhood

"Bill and Eileen have gone all out this year to decorate their home into a ginger bread house. It has been the delight of the entire neighborhood and anyone who drives by. The children love it. Because of this, Bill and Eileen have been nominated to receive this award." - Dave Harding, Dixon Neighborhood Chair

Gordon & Bridget Harkness, Edgemont Neighborhood
"Because of the beautiful, simple design display depicting the true meaning of Christmas, with the star of the East shining down on the manger scene, Gordon and Bridget’s home was chosen for the award. They have reminded the whole neighborhood through their wonderful display that Christmas really is about the birth of the Savior." - Marian Monnahan, Edgemont Neighborhood Chair.

Darnell Jackson, Maeser Neighborhood
"Darnell was nominated because he took the time to decorate his house for the holidays in a very elegant and beautiful way. In a neighborhood that has lower income families, it is refreshing to see such devotion to spreading the holiday cheer as Darnell has. He lighted our lives with his decorations." Melanie Densley, Maeser Neighborhood Chair.

Troy Goulding, Lakewood Neighborhood
"Troy’s home looks so cheerful! The white lighted spiral Christmas trees lining the drive and sidewalk, leading the eye to the beautiful entrance lighting. The inside of the home is as lovely as the outside of the home. Troy’s home truly brings the spirit of Christmas to all who live around him and all those who have driven by. The neighborhood thanks Troy." - Terry Herbert, Lakewood Neighborhood Chair.

Above: a picture of some of the winners together with Neighborhood Chairs and several Council Members (top/back row)

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