Friday, September 7, 2012

No Time To Know What's Going On?

Whether you have two minutes or two hours to devote to local government issues, the Provo City Council makes it easy for you to cue in. See

Two Minutes

Summary of Action

  • This is a snapshot view of what happened at the previous meeting. 
  • You can know the Council's decisions in two minutes or less. 
  • Summaries of Action should be posted the Wednesday afternoon after the meeting. 
  • New agendas for regular meetings are posted the Thursday before the meeting. 
  • Special meetings are alwasy noticed no later than 24 hours before the meeting. 
  • Don't want to have to check? Subscribe for email notifications at the State's Public Notice Website:

10-90 Minutes

  • Minutes are the official record of the meeting and are required to capture the substance of what happened, public comments and the official vote of each action. 
  • Minutes for the last meeting should be available the Thursday before the next regular Council Meeting.
  • All the printed information that the Council has for helping them make decisions, is available to you. 
  • Documents are organized by topic so you can just read the ones that intererst you. 
  • Documents are posted the Thursday before the regular Council meeting. 
Audio and Video
  • You may listen to or view exactly what transpired by accessing audio and video recordings.
  • Council meetings are organized by topic, so you can watch just the ones that interest you. 
  • Council meeting videos are available immediately after the meeting.
  • Work session audio recordings are available within a week of the meeting. 

10+ Hours

Well, you could watch, listen to and read everything!

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